Videos can be up to 4 minutes long. Please introduce yourself, your town, and the title and author of your work. You can submit more than one video. Thank you for participating in the New Commons Project!

Thank you for nominating a work to the New Commons Project! If you are a Maine resident over 13, we want to hear from you! Videos should be no longer than 4 minutes and should present an argument for why we need this work now. Keep in mind that a good argument might take many forms, and needn't (only) be verbal. You may not nominate your own work. Please be sure your video includes your NAME, your TOWN, and the TITLE and AUTHOR of the work you've chosen. Finalists for this round of selections will be chosen in fall, 2019. Selected videos will be posted to the website or to social media before that date. Circulation of your video does not mean your work has been chosen as a finalist. By submitting a video to this site, you are granting permission to the New Commons Project to post the video online and to share it on social media. 

The New Commons Project at the University of Maine at Farmington